Global Traffic Director

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Optimize Your Routing

Now you can optimize and direct your domain's traffic flow using geographical source-based IP routing from the Global Traffic Director. For example, if you have clients in Europe, you can configure your European servers to respond to European queries, and clients in the US will have their queries answered from US-based servers.

Traffic Segmentation can be done in the following regions

  • North America East
  • North America West
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Oceania
Optimize Your Traffic Routing
Optimize Performance
Optimize Performance

Optimize the performance of your web applications and servers using geographically unique query responses.

Faster Data Access
Access Your Data Even Faster

When you segment your global traffic, you get faster access to your cloud and data service. This ultimately leads to better productivity, and even higher ROI.

Maximum Uptime and Redundancy
Maximum Uptime and Redundancy

Network administrators can build a multi-tiered load balancing and DNS Failover solution in conjunction with the Global Traffic Director to create an enterprise fault redundant system that provides maximum uptime and redundancy.

Redirect Your Traffic
Redirect Your Traffic

Redirect traffic around problem network nodes or outages. Plus no additional hardware or software required.


Small Business Membership

Global Traffic Director service is not included.

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Business Membership

Global Traffic Director can be added for just $660.00 per domain per year.

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Corporate Membership

Includes 1 Global Traffic Director. Buy additional domains at $540.00 per year (or can be billed monthly at $45 per month per domain).

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How it Works

How is Global Traffic Director Configured? Setting up the Global Traffic Director service is quick and easy. All GTD configurations are immediately published to hundreds of name servers with DNS Made Easy's proprietary Peregrine Instant DNS update technology.

DNS Made Easy's Global Traffic Director uses our powerful IP Anycast+ network to identify the geographical location of the querying client. Based on the region where the query originates the administrator is able to define unique DNS responses to a specific server. Give your organization the most powerful web service and quickly route your clients where you want when you combine your regional placement of web servers with DNS Made Easy's GTD service.

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